Experienced Creativity

Director of Photography


Sony Playstation

Playstation + Spotify: Tate Kobang”  (Music Ad)


Sony Playstation

“Playstation + Spotify: Waters” (Music Ad)


Mission Workshop

“Rhake Backpack” (Product Showcase Video)


National Productions

“Bell Rung” (Documentary Feature)

Direct Divide

"1000 Years" (Music Video)

Camera Operator


Diablo Ballet Company

“Libera” (Dance Video)


Diablo Ballet Company

“We Devine” (Dance Video)

2015 Reel

"If These Frames Could Move" (Montage)


“Design Academy” (Experience Video)


"Anniversary - Back to the Future" (Event Video)


"Black Girls Code" (Educational Event Video)

Art Department


“NBA Countdown Intro” (Broadcast Bumper)


Lighting Designer

Mark Nelson

“Homeward” (Music Video)


Playground Studios

“Bullet Bride” (Series)


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